Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Tips For Planting New Trees

It’s no secret that trees add natural beauty and cool shade to your property. Planting a tree is a fairly simple process that requires a minimal number of tools, and is also a gift that can be enjoyed for generations upon generations.

However, in order for a tree to last long enough to reach its full maturity, it must have a healthy beginning. This all starts with proper planting and maintenance. Wondering how you can plant a tree that will live on for generations? Here are a few tips on everything from the initial planting process, to digging the hole, to watering techniques.

1. Find the right location.
Deciding where you want your tree to be located is an important factor. Stay at least 15 feet away from the house, sidewalk, driveway, and other trees. Also be sure to watch out for any overhead power lines — most shade trees will grow at least to the height of residential power lines.

2. Dig a hole that’s the right size.
Planting experts agree that digging a wide hole is the key to optimal growth of your new tree. Make sure your hole is at least twice as wide as the root ball of the tree. In order to prevent settling, the depth of the hole should be no more than the height of the root ball.

3. Position the tree.
Carefully carry or roll the tree into the hole. Stand back and view the tree as a helper slowly rotates it. Almost every tree has a “good side” – so make sure it is positioned with its best face aiming in a prominent direction, typically toward the street.

4. Fill the hole properly.
Backfill around the rootball, packing the soil gently as you go. It’s best to frequently check the trunk to make sure that it’s straight. Use any leftover soil as a berm to establish a watering well.

5. Stake it.
Drive the stake through the root ball into the ground underneath. The stake should be tied loosely to the trunk.

6. Water the tree.
Soon after you’re done planting the tree, make sure to water it every day for several weeks after.

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